Tractors and cars

Amonov Mansur Ochilovich

Head of the Department, docent

Tel: +998-71-237-25-34




Department Tractors and automobiles began its activity as a part of Tashkent institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers from very first days of organization institute; in 1934 it was one of leading departments of Agricultural mechanization faculty. In initial years in department worked 4 teaching laboratories. On "Tractors and automobiles" department base were organized "Internal combustion engines" and "Heat engineering"departments.After transfer Agricultural mechanization faculty to Tashkent state agrarian university (TSAU) in 2004, the department faculties worked in department Meliorationmechanization at Tashkent institute of irrigation and melioration and in department Agricultural machinery, operation and repair at TSAU. Since September 2017 after transfer Agricultural mechanization faculty back to TIIAME, the "Tractors and automobiles" department has been re-organized here. At present time in department ​​held classes in subjects Tractors and automobiles, Internal combustion engines, Heat engineering and heat application in agriculture, Thermodynamics and heat transfer basics, Fuel and lubricants, Traffic regulations and safety. In different years, as a department chair in "Internal combustion engines", "Heat Engineering" departments worked D.Khakimov, A.Keldiev, Kh.Babayev, and G.Umarov. At department Tractors and automobileschairs were A.Ninov, V.Bogdankin, N.Sablikov, P.Abdurakhmonov, A.Karimov, Kh.Khayrullaev, A.Kamilov, A.Salimov, I.Marupov, and Z.Iskandarov. Currently department chair is M.Amonov. At present time in department worksprofessors  associate professors A.Kamilov, I.Marupov, N.Umirov, I.Nuritov,Sh.Abdurahmonov, K.Usmanov  senior lecturers B.Tulaganov,  assistant professors E.Ganiboyeva, R.Khudoykulov. In building "V" of institute there are equipped with appropriate equipment educational auditoriums intended use for teaching Internal combustion engines, Chassis of tractors and automobiles, Traffic rules and safety. In building "E" there are laboratories of Heat engineering, Fuel and lubricants, as well as laboratories for testing Tractors, Engines and Fuel pumps. To conduct traction tests there are tractor T-16M equipped with appropriate equipment, for bench tests used engines D-21 and 4BT-3.9. The laboratory also has equipment for determining center of gravity of a tractor or automobile, operating sections of tractors, steering, tractor hitch systems, cuts units, and various parts. In research farm of institute, a polygon is equipped an appropriate level, where students are trained to drive tractors. For this purpose are used tractors TS-130, TD5.110, TTZ LS-62.

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