Turkmenov Xasan Ishimovich

Head of Department, Associate Professor

Теl.:  +998-71-237-09-72

Email: kh.turkmenov@tiiame.uz



The Department of "General Technical Disciplines" was originally established in 1934 under the name "Technology of Metals". On the basis of the department in 1976, the Department of Technology of Agricultural Machines began its work. The first organizer, founder and head of the Department of Metal Technologies is Associate Professor M. D. Livshits.

In 1976 - 1983, the Department of "Technology of Agricultural Machines" was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor A.Z. Rahmonzoda, in 1983 - 1993. Ph.D., Assoc. Mirsaidov T.A., prof. Levitin M.A.

Over the past period, the department was headed (1952-71) by Assoc. V.D. Avagimov, (1971-76). A.Z. Rahmonzoda (1976-77). Sh. U. Yuldashev (1977-82). ON THE. Anokhin (1983-88), prof. E. D. Khaikin (1988-95), prof. Balabekov M.T. (1995-96). U.P. Ugurzakov (1996-99). Ibragimov H. N. (1999 - 2016). Turkmenov Kh. I. (2016-2017). Zhumaev Z.T.

The Department of Metal Technology, Applied Mechanics and Standardization has been renamed into the Department of General Technical Disciplines since 2016. Currently, the department is headed by Assoc. H.I.Turkmenov.

Over the past 2 years, the department has published 12 textbooks, electronic textbooks and manuals, 10 monographs, more than 100 scientific articles, 11 patents and copyright certificates in foreign and republican journals.

The development of the department was greatly contributed by Assoc. V.D. Avagimov, Assoc. Koshevnikov A.G., prof. M.A. Levitin, academician Sh.U. Yuldashev, prof. G.Sh.Zokirov, Assoc. ON THE. Anokhin, prof. E. D. Khaikin, prof. Balabekov M.T., Prof. U.P. Umurzakov.

A circle of talented students "Young Mechanic" is organized at the department. Students under the guidance of professors-teachers of the department published more than 100 articles, students take prizes at the republican olympiads. In the 2020-2023 academic year, 8 modern laboratory stands were installed at the department. They have the opportunity to perform more than 30 laboratory work on the subject "Machine parts and design fundamentals."

The department pays great attention to integration with educational, scientific and industrial enterprises.

Currently, the department is conducting a lot of scientific and methodological work in conjunction with the state technical universities of Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAGTU) and Chelyabinsk.

The department has close ties with a number of research and educational institutions and enterprises, such as: "Uzbek Agency for Technical Regulation", "Uzbek Institute of Standards", "Uzbek National Institute of Metrology", Tashkent branch of the Turin Polytechnic Institute, JSC "Tashkent Plant of Agricultural technicians”, Tashkent Pipe Plant JSC, Tashkent State Technical University (TSTU), Tashkent State Agrarian University (TASHDAU), BMKB Agromash, ARTEL, Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization and LLC TECHNOPARK.

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