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Tractors and automobiles

Gives knowledge on purpose and design of tractors and automobiles used in agriculture, as well as on the operation of systems and mechanisms, on fundamentals of theory and calculation of engines, tractors and automobiles.


Mobile power machinery

Teaches properties of fuel lubricants used in mobile power machinery; design and theory of internal combustion engines; design, theory and calculation of tractors and automobiles.


Heat engineering

Teaches basic concepts of heat engineering and application of heat in agriculture, principles and basic laws that constitute theoretical foundations of technical thermodynamics. Familiarization with the equipment used during application of heat in agriculture.


Thermodynamics and basics of heat application

Teaches laws of thermodynamics and heat applications, physical properties of gases and vapors, basics of operating thermal power equipment, ways to solve problems relating to laws of thermodynamics.


Fuel and lubricants

Gives general knowledge about oil products, studies types of fuels used in agricultural machinery and their physical and mechanical properties.


Traffic regulations and safety

Trains traffic rules and traffic safety. Explains basic concepts and definitions, road signs and markings, responsibilities of drivers and passengers, rules for movement of vehicles on the road, basics of traffic safety.