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Tractors and vehicles

Provides knowledge on the function and structure of tractors and vehicles used in the agricultural production complex, the operation of their mechanisms and systems, as well as the rules of their technical maintenance, the theory of internal combustion engines, as well as the basics and calculation of the theory of tractors and cars.


Tractors and QXM electrical equipment

Requirements for the quality of use of electrical and electronic equipment of tractors and agricultural machines, basic adjustment indicators, analysis of equipment and its efficient use, acceptance of solutions in problematic situations related to use, independent mastering of new types gives knowledge on


Unmanned aerial vehicles and navigation systems

Agricultural aircraft use laws, regulations in this field, flight safety control, types of aircraft and their structure, flight control, video surveillance cameras and sensors used in aircraft, global navigation system operation, satellites, provides knowledge on signal receiving base stations, rovers, system failure, signal receiving devices, tractors and agricultural machinery


Heat technique

The basic concepts of heat engineering and the use of heat in agriculture, the basic laws and principles of technical thermodynamics that form their theoretical basis are taught. The devices used in the use of heat in agriculture will be introduced


Fundamentals of thermodynamics and heat transfer

Teaches the laws of thermodynamics and heat transfer, physical properties of gases and vapors, the basics of using heat energy devices, ways to solve problems related to the laws of thermodynamics


Fuel and lubricants

General concepts about oil products are given, types of fuel lubricants used in agricultural machinery and their physical and mechanical properties are taught.


Traffic rules and safety

General rules of traffic rules and safety, basic concepts and terms used in the rules, road signs, duties of drivers and passengers, rules of traffic on the roads, basics of traffic safety it will