Faculty history

In 1920, among the eight faculties of the Turkestan State University, the Faculty of Engineering began to function. In 1930, the department of mechanical engineering of the university was transformed into the faculty of agricultural mechanization of the Central Asian Agricultural Institute. In 1931, the Central Asian Agricultural Mechanization Institute was established on the basis of the faculty. On November 11, 1934, this institute was transformed into the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME). The Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization has been established as part of it. In the same year, 401 students studied at the faculty.

According to the government decision 415 of September 3, 2004, the faculty was transferred to the Tashkent State Agrarian University. According to the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PD-3003 dated May 24, 2017, the faculty started operating again as part of the TIIAME from September 2, 2017.

Academician M.V. Sablikov, correspondent member of UzFA G.A. Koshevnikov, honored scientists V.I. Lazunov, S.P. Polatov, professors G. Sh. Zokirov, O. V. Lebedov, O. A. Karimov, M. I. Landsman, E. K. Baturin, A. I. Korsun, M. S. G'aniev, R. D. Matchanov, Sh. U. Yoldoshev, A. Kh. Haydarov, F. K. .Dadaboev and others contributed greatly. In 2000, the faculty was named after the great scientist and statesman, professor Salim Polatov, who was the rector of the institute for 17 years.

Professors M.V. Sablikov, E.K. Baturin, G.A. Koshevnikov, S.P. Polatov, M.I. Landsman, N.V. Sablikov, V.V. Bulkin, N.P. Polikutin, V.A. Ivanov, A.Kh. Haydarov, S.G. Muhammadjonov, V.V. Baydinger, B.F. Nazarov, A.I. Komilov, O.A. Ganiho'jaev, O'.P. Umurzakov, Kh.N.Ibragimov, A.S.Sirojiddinov, E.T.Farmonov were deans in different years. Currently, Q. A. Shavazov is working as the dean of the faculty.

In accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the establishment of the national research university "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers" approved by PD-42 dated December 10, 2021, "Agricultural Mechanization ” faculty is operating Nowadays, the departments of "Agricultural techniques and technologies", "Tractors and automobiles", "Engineering systems management" and "General technical sciences" are operating in the faculty.

The professors and teachers of the faculty are experts in international relations of higher educational institutions and scientific institutions of several foreign countries, such as the USA, Germany, England, Japan, Russia, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as the famous John Deere, Case, He established close cooperation with "Lemken" and "Rostselmash" companies, and special training rooms of these companies have been established in the faculty.

Development of modern resource-efficient mechanized technologies, technical tools in the cultivation and production of agricultural products with effective use of land, water, fuel-energy and material-technical resources in the mechanization of agricultural production, processes of mechanization of agricultural production based on local working conditions, rural technological processes of farm machinery, application of the optimal type of agrotechnical measures and organization of mechanized production in the use of agricultural machinery and management, the application of modern knowledge in the strategic development of machine-tractor fleets, the use of modern information technologies in management, the development of methods and mechanisms for monitoring and quality assessment of production processes at the faculty "mechanization of agriculture", "technical service in agriculture and water management", " application of innovative techniques and technologies in agriculture", "technology of storage and initial processing of agricultural products (by product types)", "metrology, standardization and product quality management (by sectors)"and "vocational education (agricultural mechanization)" bachelor courses and "agricultural mechanization" master's specialty are being trained.

Also, professors and teachers participate in activities related to the creation, improvement and testing of machines and equipment, standardization of equipment and materials in the implementation of scientific research works;use new technical tools in researching farming, animal husbandry and primary processing techniques; carrying out scientific research works on modern methods of using energy tools, agricultural machines in cooperation with research institutes and centers;analysis and application of digital technologies used in the country and in foreign countries on modern methods of driving tractor aggregates, assimilation programs of modern methods of aggregates management; conducting experimental studies on sample methods and participating in the analysis of their results, scientific research works are being carried out in the field of application of research results and developments to production.

of the faculty have been making a great contribution to the comprehensive mechanization of agriculture in our republic. Members of the government of the republic, a number of state and public figures, designers and scientists came out. In particular, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev Shavkat Miromonovich studied at the faculty in 1976-1981.