Scientific activity

Dots in the chair. Avazov I.J. 05.20.01 - Conducts his research on the implementation of his thesis on "Base parameters of an agnostic plug softener that is processed against erosion" in the field of "Technologies for mechanization of cheese and meliorative machinery, agricultural and meliorative work". Supervisor is t.f.d., Prof. Mamatov F.M. The topic was approved in TIIM on 28.04.2010.

Ibragimova G.N. 13.00.05 - The subject of my research work is “Improving the methodology of using engineering games in the preparation of future professionals for professional activities.” Supervisor is  professor D.O.Himmataliev. Theme was approved on TIIAMEon 28.03.2018.

Independent researcher Abduraxmonova Sh.A. 13.00.05 - Conducts her dissertation on the theory and methodology of vocational education to obtain a Ph.D. (RhD) degree in pedagogy on "Improving the practical vocational training of a future vocational education teacher in the professional education system." Supervisor is p.f.d., Prof. Khimmataliyev D.O. Theme was approved in TIIAME on 29.04.2021

Independent researcher Abdiev N.E. 13.00.05 - Conducts scientific work on the theory and methodology of vocational education in order to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (RhD) degree in pedagogy on the theme " Improving the professional training of future teachers of vocational education in the vocational education system on the basis of an integrative and differentiated approach. (Using the example of Аpplied mechanics) " Supervisor is p.f.d., Prof. Ismailova Z.Q. Theme was approved in TIIAME on 29.04.2021.