The department has established cooperative relations with the Center for Certification and Testing of Agricultural Equipment and Technologies of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Agricultural Equipment Plant JSC, Uzklaasagro and Uzkeysservis joint enterprises, and agricultural technical schools and colleges. In this cooperation, great attention is paid to ensuring an organic connection with production, providing students with practical knowledge and skills, improving the qualifications of professors and teachers, and strengthening the material and technical base, as well as organizing educational and production practices. A branch of the department has been established in the Uzklaasagro joint venture in the territory of Tashkent Agricultural Machinery Plant JSC, and classes are held for students in the classroom there.  Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization and Electrification of Uzbekistan, BMKB "Agromash", Center for Certification and Testing of Agricultural Techniques and Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and Scientific Research Institute of Hydrometeorology under Uzgidromet on scientific and technological environmental problems. Cooperation is being carried out within the framework of scientific research. Professors and teachers of developed foreign countries in the framework of various projects to conduct scientific research, improve their skills, create educational and methodological materials, and organize new educational courses. Iowa State University, Washington State University, North Dakota State University, The University of Wisconsin and the Georgia Institute of Technology are also cooperating with professors and teachers of the University of Seoul, South Korea. Over the past years, a scientific project on the study of the amount of fine volatile particles in the atmospheric air was carried out with Washington State University in Tashkent, North Dakota State University Professor Tom Bohn taught a course on the use of fluid energy in agricultural machines and tractors. conducted training. Associate Professor Amonov M.O. at the University of Wisconsin and the Georgia Institute of Technology. completed a long-term internship. The department is working on the project "Improving engineering training programs in agriculture through the introduction of innovative solutions in foreign universities" funded by the Academic Innovation Fund, which was organized as part of the World Bank's project to modernize the higher education system in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The project is cooperating with the University of California, Davis, Oklahoma State University, Mississippi State University, and Seoul National University, South Korea. In this project:

- improvement of the current curriculum and subject programs of the agricultural mechanization education, introduction of new subjects into the curriculum;

- to support the program of the new educational direction of applying innovative techniques and technologies in agriculture by introducing innovative methods and courses used in foreign universities;

- to help increase the potential of professors and improve the quality of their work;

-activating the participation and role of students in the educational process is defined as the goal of the project.

At the same time, within the framework of the project, mutual cooperation with the enterprises of Uzagroservis JSC, Uzkeysservis and Uzklaasservis JVs, Samavto LLC and other organizations will be strengthened.