Scientific work

Development technologies and technical means that are suitable for  soil-climate condition of our country

The aims of work are preparing the field for sowing, sowing the plans, development technologies and technical means that are suitable for soil-climate condition of Uzbekistan for growing and harvesting crops, substantiation parameters of their working units.

Tasks of scientific work:

  • preparing the field for sowing as well development sowing technologies and technical means, substantiation parameters of the working units;
  • development the technologies and technical means that are based to the
  •  resource-saver technologies for making furrows in the field where there
  • are stems of cotton;
  • development new composition cotton picking machine that its picking apparatus is located frontally;
  • mechanization the “topinambur” (Jerusalem artichoke) harvesting technology;   
  • preparing to test the theoretical result as well machines in condition of
  • laboratory about decreasing the cutting work of forage cutter implements
  • analyzing systems of intellectual agriculture and implantation them in
  •  agriculture of our Republic.