Astanaqulov Komil Dullievich

The chief of the department, doctor of technical sciences, senior scientific-employee

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The department was founded in 1929 at a base of Middle Asia State University. Then it was joined to Middle Asia cotton-growing and irrigation polytechnic Institute and Professor Y.A. Moiseevich became the chief of the department. After organizing the Tashkent agriculture and irrigation engineers Institute, academic M.V.Sablikov managed the department for long years.  M.V.Sablikov was a founder of theory of the vertical spindled cotton picker apparatus. In 1957, M.V.Sablikov was suggested to work at academy of agriculture in Moscow. Instead of him a deserved scientist in Uzbekistan V.I.Lazunov was assigned as the chief of the department. V.I.Lazunov added great share to substantiate the kinematic parameters of the vertical spindled cotton picking apparatus.  After V.I.Lazunov’s death, Professor S.P.Pulatov was assigned as the chief of the department from 1972 to 1983. S.P.Pulatov created OVX-14 machine that sprays the solutions of chemical matter to the plants of agriculture and he was presented with the prize that is named “Beruniy” as other authors. Professor S.P.Pulatov was the chief of the department when he was working as the ministry of Higher education of the Republic too. Professor S.P.Pulatov worked as the rector for long time at Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers and Tashkent Automobile Roads Institute.  Deserved mechanization expert in Uzbekistan M.S.Ganiyev was assigned as the chief of the department between 1983 and 1988. Professor M.S.Ganiyev managed for creating means of mechanization for harvesting stem of cotton. Docent T.Abdillayev was assigned as the chief of the department in 1987. Academic R.D.Matchonov was assigned as the chief of the department in 1989. Professor R.D.Matchonov is a scientist who added great share to develop of cotton harvesting machine. In 2000-2004, Docent B.Y.Yusupov was assigned as the chief of the department.  The scientists of the department have worked much to develop the mechanization of agriculture of our Republic. In 1971, Professor M.Shoumarova got a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences first time among Uzbek women.   Among teachers of the department, N.P.Polekutin, K.I. Isaev, D.M. Musaev researched about development of plows, M.B.Bogatiryov, G.A. Timofeev, B.U. Utepov about seeding machines, B.M. Koltunov, Sh. Dadajonov, A.N. Shirmanov, M.S.Shoumarova, T.Abdillaev, A. Duskulov about cotton harvesting machines, B.Xudayarov about combined aggregate, A.Sirojiddinov, D.Alijanov about forage grinder. Among teachers of the department, M.S.Shoumarova, T. Abdillaev wrote many books about specialty. They achieved to write and publish 14 books for higher education and special vocational collages. A book about “Agricultural machines” subject that was written for higher education and collages achieved first and second places on the best book election of the Republic.

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