1 Draw an image of road signs
2 Loose and straight lines and requirements for their application
3 Drivers' movements while driving under stressful conditions
4 Documents to be taken when driving the vehicle
5 Studying the requirements for the expiration, stopping and parking of vehicles
6 Functions of pedestrians and passengers
7 Traffic accidents and their analysis
8 Pedestrian crossings and stops for fixed-line vehicles
9 Stacking of mechanical means
10 Formation of the technical documentation for the transport vehicle
11 Instruments of the brake-testing unit, which are provided with the means of transport
12 Vessels for driving vehicles
13In the automotive industry, public transport and automobiles
14 Warning and disaster gestures, tasks for their implementation
Conditions prohibiting the use of a vehicle.
16 Railroad crossings, movement on slopes and slopes on highways
17 Theory of movement of vehicles, action forces. The location of the center of gravity. Crank the car. Acceleration Concept. Vehicle recession, steering
18 Clamping the car. Acceleration Concept. Vehicle recession, steering
19 View and Role. Getting information, evaluating decision making and performance, and watching the normal and low lighting
20 Traffic Accidents and Their Causes. Ensure safe driving while driving under different circumstances
21 Providing first aid to victims of traffic accidents